PT Hoffmen Cleanindo, Tbk

Our Services

Cleaning Service

Hoffmen Cleaning Service is designed to be able to take over all building maintenance problems and reduce the problems they cause. Hoffmen comes with a better working system with excellent experience in flooring. Hoffmen wants to give satisfaction and comfort to clients.

Hygiene Service

Hoffmen Hygiene Service emphasizes service and quality that has been tested. We also produce our own products such as aerosols, sanitary ware, and dispensers that have been equipped with a permit from the health department so that they are safe for health.

Security Service

Hoffmen Security Service focuses on security, service, and high discipline to be oriented to customer satisfaction. We are supported by an operational team that has more than 10 years of experience.

Employee Service

Hoffmen Employee Service focuses on employee training to provide employee with the best skillsets and experiences.

Parking Service

Hoffmen Parking Service is supported by a management team that has a total of decades of experience in the field. We have a vision to provide a different color from similar industries by offering more varied products/services and more profitable cooperation for partners.